Short Circuit Study

The Short-Circuit Study assures fault tolerant designs and renovations for electrical power systems. Using the source contribution from the utility company, the available fault current is calculated at the main service entrance and for each bus in the system. The results are used in the Equipment Evaluation to evaluate the circuit breakers, panelboards and switchgear equipment assemblies, and to coordinate the protective devices. The short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) for each piece of equipment is compared to the available fault current to determine if the protective devices in the system are rated to safely interrupt and isolate fault currents with minimal disruption to the overall system. The study includes operating scenarios to determine short-circuit duty under normal and alternate power conditions, including emergency and maintenance modes of operation. The study procedure consists of the following:

  • Provide Data Collection Survey for the electrical power system components.
  • Based on the latest Electrical 1-Line Drawing, develop a power system model drawing similar to the 1-line diagram using SKM Power Tools for Windows Software.
  • Data collection survey.
  • The software uses the Comprehensive or ANSI methods, described in the IEEE and ANSI standards to calculate the Momentary and RMS Symmetrical (Interrupting) fault values throughout the systems.
  • Use the fault current values and resulting load flow as input data to develop additional study modules and provide customized reports.

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