WLECOME to Power Study Consultants, Inc. (PSCi) We provide power system analysis and design solutions for engineering consultants, electrical contractors, and facility and property managers. With over 20 years of experience, we are very familiar with the power systems and utility requirements for commercial and industrial applications, and mission critical facilities. We specialize in Short Circuit and Coordination Studies and Equipment Evaluation for medium-voltage and low-voltage power systems. Using the SKM Power Tools for Windows ® 7.0 Software we develop a study model based on the electrical drawings and equipment data. We use the study results to provide Arc Flash Hazard Assessments, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Analysis and Transient Motor Starting. The results are provided in customized study reports that can be used to identify over-dutied breakers, mis-coordinated protective devices, areas to improve system protection. The Arc Flash Report and Labels identify the hazard risks category levels and PPE requirements at each location in the system to assure safe practices in the work place. As engineering consultants, we provide Electric Power Distribution System Design and Service Planning, including load analysis, system design layout and calculations to size cables, conduits, transformers, protective devices, distribution panels, and low resistance grounding systems. To assist in your efforts to provide electrical safety in the work place, we provide a systematic approach to Arc Flash Studies that includes the following:

• Data Collection

• Power System Modeling
• Short Circuit & Equipment Evaluation
• Coordination Study
• Recommended Protective Device Settings
• Arc Flash Hazard Assessment
• Customize Report
• Arch Flash Labels
• Install Recommended Settings and Labels
• Arc Flash Training for Personnel We stand ready to assist you and provide quotations for your specific needs.

We also invite you to continue exploring our website at to obtain additional information. Again, thank you for your interest in PSCi. For consultation regarding your facility please contact us.

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